Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cunning Linguist, Part II: Winning

for jp

The insuppressible urge to feel
your mouth
is what has me
lying awake.
Your mouth, because it is the vessel
through which
you feed me
raffle tickets
to your
the kaleidoscopic place
of your emotions;
anger mixed with hurt,
folded into a candied
sort of gentleness
a genuine sweetness
that begs
sucked ...
and savored.
And won.
I could just call it a kiss,
but that would dismiss
the quiet work
that I have done
to observe you
in your element.
And calling it a kiss would devalue
I am
Your lips on mine;
it deserves
a proper name unlike another.
So while your
I'd like to look you
in your eyes
while I lean in ...
for a not a kiss,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cunning Linguist

Evening with you was magical,
the sort that is had
when the presence of your Delight
has taken many sunsets
to transpire.
I sat quietly,
feet to the stars.
My patio, imbued with the scent
of Honeysuckle in bloom,
the warmth and humidity
of a summer rain.
The song of cicadas in whispering,
"kiss her ...
    kiss her ...
       kiss her ..."
Lids lowered,
limbs lengthened
in anticipation. 
Your lips met mine,
and infused me
with your
"kiss her ...
    kiss her ...
       kiss her ..."
My lips met yours,
and savored

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Magnetic Poetry: "The Prostitute's Song"

"The Prostitute's Song"

my jello smile grins on you.
slip down into the draconian ripeness,
we can't breed.
undo the boxers fly.
the will of the night drinks cash,
realize us as indifferent.

Magnetic Poetry: "Dis-positions"


grin breathe and stretch, 
imagine me on the horn,
working sugar waves of love.
a fly on the mountain jiggles
as ankles flee to the neck.

Magnetic Poetry: "May-December"


unhappy love is the
crocodile grin that blankets me.
i wander anywhere to breathe,
i jump in to comfort many,
and flee the will of can't.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Book of Aina: Life's Purpose

If you really need a "purpose" for being here, the purpose of life is happiness. For more happiness bring to life what you want from it. It starts with YOU! -- The Book of Aina: Chapter 36, Section 7, Verse 28

How often do we put the responsibility for happiness into the hands of other people and objects?  The trick to lasting happiness is to find your own.  You have to do what brings you joy, keep at it, and do it no matter what others may think of it. People will follow their own paths and are not adequate for shouldering the bulk of your joy. That shiny! new! whirligig will lose its luster and your discontentment will follow. You are that consistent factor in what could bring you happiness.

Do you like to paint, write, sing, take photographs or draw but you fear other people's opinion of your work?  Do it anyway!  They have nothing to do with your joy, it's all about you.  There are people in life who are not interested in unlocking the door to happiness, don't let them rob you of yours.

Recently, I recorded myself singing a song; it was "I'm Going Down" by Rose Royce, and more recently covered by Mary J. Blige.  I am no songstress, and I'd most likely never be anyone's Idol, but you know what?  I had a blast singing it!  I had not sang anything in twenty years and I had forgotten how good it felt to use my body to create something nice.  I am going to keep doing it, not because I want to get better at it, but because I like it.

Work today to see what you can do, be, make, and enjoy.  You should find your happiness, your joy, in yourself.